How the GPS tracker working?

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How to use GPS GPRS tracker? Most people are curious about this if they want to enter in GPS GPRS tracker filed.
There are two types of GPS Tracker on market, Type 1 is built in antennas GPS GPRS Tracker, such as GPS tracker watch, pet tracking device, and motorcycle GPS tracker etc. How to use GPS tracker like type 1? Normally once insert sim card it will online automatically, no need to do further settings. Why? Because this type GPS GPRS Tracker has written most necessary settings on it defaulted, so once we insert sim card it can match information directly, then start working normally.
Type 2 is external antennas GPS GPRS Tracker, this type GPS GPRS Tracker is mainly used for vehicles tracking, how to use GPS tracker for this type? We need to use SMS command or computer software to do some simple settings for device firstly, then it will work normally.