GPS watch PT900 protect your family's safety

Safety of old people
As parents, you might always want to keep your kids safe and you won’t imagine the panic and desperation that a family would face being separated from their child. 
Easy to use. With only fa few buttons, a child as young as one year old can make a call. Unlike a mobile phone placed in a pocket or backpack, the watch is constantly visible to children, and easily accessed when they need it. 
Compatible with an active lifestyle. Children are constantly active; running, jumping, falling, and moving around. While other prototypes such as a mobile phone necklace were affected by the constant motion, the watch phone is durable and uninhibited by children’s activities.
Adaptable for all ages. Children at different stages have different needs and abilities. A very young child has little independence, and no need to use a phone on a regular basis. An older child might need to contact a parent with questions or information.
With its GPS technology, it works well for young children to wear on outings, such as trips to the mall or park. For older children who walk to and from school and activities, it can be worn daily. The watch is especially useful for children of any age to wear on international trips.
It is designed to fit your lifestyle as a parent, and to allow you to easily contact and locate your child. We will be able to offer an increasing amount of features to make the phone even more efficient and effective.